College of Missionary Aviation
Based in Keystone Heights Florida, integrated in a welcoming community, with intimate class settings and available student housing

Why we are different

√ Affordable
√ Accessible
√ Faith-focused
√ Accelerated track

★ Rotations of the program begin in January and July
★ After a 2-year period of 8 quarters, graduates receive degree in missions with a concentration in mission aviation.

Why missionary aviation?

Missionary pilots are important because they are often essential in providing life-saving transportation and supplies in the mission field. They assist missionaries by reducing travel time across rugged terrain and ultimately deliver hope to impoverished countries. When people see the aircraft arriving, they know help is on the way.

Video: A Future of Flying Higher

The accelerated track is one reason students choose the streamlined environment

 ...students gain flight experience on an accelerated track, and work as apprentices fulfilling requirements for the A & P license needed by many missionary organizations." -College President Tim Huggins

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